Gesine Fuchs

Science is beautiful, but it needs a whole lot of work.

Mission Statement

My main goal in teaching is to encourage, motivate and enable students to autonomous and critical processes of learning. To achieve this, it is necessary to ask questions, acquire knowledge and to reflect one’s own position. I am a staunch advocate of the unity of teaching and research and actively demonstrate to my students whenever possible, what "learning by researching" truly means.

Recent courses taught

2017 – "Current developments in social work (in German)" (elective bachelor module). Core graduate course 2017: "Social work and politics - social work policy? (in German)
2016 – "Social policy and organization of the social system (in German)" (module bachelor course)

2015 – "Gender relations in Eastern Europe and the transformation of the state, democracy and economics (in German)" (Department of Political Science, University of Vienna)

2015 "Political science perspectives on law and gender (in German)" (Department of Political Science, University of Marburg)

2014/15 "Political participation and gender" (Department of Political Science, University of Münster)

2012 "Civil societies and feminist movements in East and West", with Elena Zdravomyslova from the European University St. Petersburg at the Rosa-Mayreder-College, Vienna, biennial since 2006.


More courses: coming soon