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Development and governance of gender equality policy at work

Development and governance of gender equality policy at work - Project in the framework of the National Research Programme 60 "Gender Equality in Switzerland" (2011/14)

Despite various policy measures of gender equality, the work situation has hardly changed for women in Switzerland over the last several decades. Swiss women’s level of education and employment rate have risen, however, they continue to earn less than men and are less likely to advance their careers as far as men.

The aim of this project was to acquire basic knowledge on the development and steering of measures to promote gender equality in the workplace in Switzerland. For this purpose, we examined federal and canton policy measures promoting equal participation of women and men in paid employment. These included anti-discriminatory measures (Federal Act on Gender Equality), measures for the active promotion of equality initiated by private sector as well as public sector employers, and programmes promoting a better work-life balance for all employees. The researchers collected and classified existing policy initiatives and measures and conducted in-depth analyses of selected cases by document analysis, standardised surveys and interviews with affected persons and experts.

The project also included a comparative analysis on equal opportunity policies in the federal administrations of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, since these countries have similar gender regimes with, however, different priorities in gender equality policies.

The research project was conducted at the University of Zurich. Project team: Thomas Widmer, Christine Zollinger, Silke Bothfeld, Sophie Rouault (Bremen) and Andrea Leitner (Vienna).

Book publication Gleichstellungspolitik öffentlicher Arbeitgeber
Book chapter Comparing Governance Regimes for Gender Equality
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