Gesine Fuchs

Political participation of women in the EU accession countries

Political participation of women in the EU accession countries

This collection of integrative country analyses on the institutionalised political participation of women in 12 new EU member states as well as in Turkey was accumulated in collaboration with Beate Hoecker. Participating authors were chiefly at home in the regions they analysed. The reports document the systematic under-representation of women as political actors and analyse the socio-structural, institutional and political-cultural context influencing this situation. The reports also draw attention to increasing demands for greater political participation in recent years as well as for a stronger involvement of women in politics. Despite the positive effects of the European Union on the legal equality of women in the acceding states, challenges remain for gender balance in decision-making processes in the EU of 25.

Book publication (in German): Beate Hoecker, Gesine Fuchs (eds.): Handbuch Politische Partizipation von Frauen in Europa. Band II: Die Beitrittsstaaten. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften 2004. 310 S.

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2017 Gesine Fuchs, Christine Scheidegger:  Political Representation of Women in Europe. What Accounts for the Increase in the 2000s? (with Christine Scheidegger) In: Auth, Diana; Jutta Hergenhan; Barbara Holland-Cunz (eds.): Gender and Family in European Economic Policy. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 199 – 225.

2004 Gesine Fuchs, Beate Hoecker: Without Women merely a Half-Democracy The Political Participation of Women in the East European Accession States. Friedrich Ebert Foundation (eurokolleg 49)