Gesine Fuchs

Research and Consulting

Research focus

  • political participation and representation
  • social movements 
  • law and society
  • policy analysis
  • transformation processes
  • gender equality policies



My research interests revolve around the issue, how a comprehensive and enduring democratisation of society may be achieved. Key questions include, what promotes and ensures people's participation in decision-making on issues affecting them, and how can citizens be persuaded to participate actively? Gender relations serve as an example in order to analyze these questions within different societal arenas, such as civil society, parliaments, public administrations, and law. Links to select research projects may be found in the menu on the right.
My research always starts with a specific societal problem. Research questions are theory-based and require an empirical, chiefly qualitative approach. Certain research questions also call for an interdisciplinary approach. My research projects encompass basic research as well as applied research. In my advisory mandates and applied research projects, I develop specific possibilities for action and recommendations based on a systematic scientific overview.

Research methods

  • Qualitative and quantitative content analysis (interviews, media, policy documents)
  • Expert interviews
  • Participant observation
  • Descriptive statistics, mainly to clarify the context
  • Written questionnaires